Thank you for your interest in the HBMA 2020 Billing Fees Survey. This version of the survey allows you to submit your data anonymously. At the end of the survey, you will be provided a reference code that you can use to retrieve your data at a later time. Only you will know that the code provided relates to your submission and the data that relate to your company. IF YOU LOSE YOUR CODE, IT CANNOT BE RETRIEVED AT A LATER TIME.


As an alternative, you may create a registered account through HBMA's survey tool, SurveyWX, before submitting the survey. Submitting the survey through a registered account provides several benefits:

• data will be anonymized and not identified with any particular company;
• data from each survey taken while logged into your profile will be linked together;
• reports will be customized based upon your responses and will be enhanced over time;
• your company profile will grow with each survey you take.

Rest assured that regardless of how you submit the survey, your data will remain anonymous and will not be identified with your company to other parties, including to other HBMA members, or in reporting. Only a representative of your company will know which data relate to your company.

Submitting the survey through a registered account is voluntary and optional. If you prefer to submit the survey via a registered account, you may do so via the following link:

If you prefer to proceed with the survey anonymously, please proceed using the button below.

Warning: It is NOT POSSIBLE to go back to previous pages to edit entered responses. Please check your answers before moving to the next page.