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Welcome to the Leaky Bucket Assessment for Effective Fundraising! The Leaky Bucket evaluates the efficiency and effectiveness of your fundraising staff. Even the most established fundraising shops have pockets of inefficiency creating 'leaks' in your efforts. See how yours is doing! If your fundraising "bucket" is "leaky", you're not getting the results you want. All responses are confidential, and additional comments are appreciated. Most respondents require only ten to fifteen minutes or less to complete. How leaky is YOUR fundraising bucket? Score 5 to 13: Leaking Like a Sieve!                                                            Score 14 to 22: Call the Productivity Helpline!   Score 23 to 30: Time for Preventive Maintenance!                                  Score 31 to 36: WATERTIGHT!  

Warning: It is NOT POSSIBLE to go back to previous pages to edit entered responses. Please check your answers before moving to the next page.